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September 2, 2008

Holidays Are Good For Gaming (And Coding)

Following on the heels of Scorpia's and Coyote's posts, I just felt the need to say how great long weekends can be for gaming. Especially game coding. I had a mess of spare time to myself over the weekend, so I was able to get in some quality gaming and coding sessions that I hadn't had in some time.

I had an itch to replay Doukustu (Cave Story), so I downloaded it again and fired it up. It never ceases to amaze me. Such simple gameplay, and yet it's so engrossing. Everything just seems to work well in that game -- the graphics, story, interface, music, you name it. Even though there is never any direct communication depicted between the protagonist and the other characters, and even though your only communication is equivalent to the simple "TALK" mechanic, it still manages to feel like a series of conversations that nicely advance the story. A lot we could learn from that one.

As for Vespers, I was able to implement some things I had on the list for a long time. One was getting the fireplace in the locutory working, which meant putting together the mechanics for flames, smoke, and firelight, and then implementing the BURN (not to mention EXTINGUISH) verbs. Also got to put in a mess of N.R.'s new models, which have some really nice textures. Got some straw on the floor, cobwebs on the walls, and a slick new (well, old) desk for the Abbot's bedroom. I got a lot done, and it felt good. Couple screenies for you below; click to see the big version if you like.

Now to figure out a response to Corvus...

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Anonymous said...

*eltrohc* No need to rush on the reply. I have more in the barrel for later this week.